Nadine Kunz
You are Here

YOU ARE HERE is a call, a statement, an assertion, an evidence. an invitation, a mantra.

The focus of this work is the examination of the
relationship between body and space. YOU ARE
explores the spaces in between, the fields of
tension and the relations between different positions
and volumes, which are constantly changing.
The question of simultaneity, of subjectivity and
objectivity, and the shifting of perspectives, are

if I move
this over there then it becomes that and
if I turn myself on my axis and stand a little closer to them
then everything
changes a bit and
if you run two meters to the right side the birds fly away
and if I stretch out my hand then
ask yourself why
and get quiet and if you get quiet then he opens his mouth and after that
she leaves and then
we come back
It is getting bright because the sun is moving and the clouds stand still
but if I turn my head to the left I see forest
to the right I see you
and down I smell a little bit of strawberry
Everything shifts because everything shifts and
as soon as everything shifts everything is different
and then different again and different again and different again and then different again and then different again and
then different again
(constantly changing, 2021, Nadine Kunz)

The work consists of four parts that both belong
together and can be read as autonomous works.
YOU ARE HERE, what does space mean to me is a text-based work. This work, similar to the performance YOU ARE HERE, here, oscillate between the poetic and the very concrete aspect of a localisation or dis-localisation.
Then the work YOU ARE HERE, I am here is an audio piece, which functions like an inner voice spoken aloud, as a kind of indeterminate navigation or an unlocatable determination of location.
I AM IN MY GARDEN I AM IN HER GARDEN is a publication, a visual composition of visual worlds and textual passages, evoked by the different confrontations during YOU ARE HERE.

Through the different media and the diverse forms of expression, YOU ARE HERE creates an experience that engages different levels of processing and resonates in different ways.

Can we ever understand where and when we are? The constant and endlessly repeating or renewing moment contextualises the subjective experience.


MA Art Education

Kunstgattung: Kunst
Medium: Video-Projektion, Audio, Perfromance, Text
Materialität: diverse
Masse: diverse

Mentorat Praxis:
Maya M. Carroll, Leila Peacock
Mentorat Theorie:
Tine Melzer
Weitere Beteiligte:
Melisa Su Taşkıran



YOU ARE HERE, I am here

audiofile, 3min 32sec

YOU ARE HERE, what does space mean to me

projected text, 3.7 x 2.5m


publication, 38 pages, images and text: Nadine Kunz, photomodel: Melisa Su Taskiran

YOU ARE HERE, here, performance 7 min, concept, choreography and direction: Nadine Kunz, performer: Melisa Su Taşkıran

MA Art Education